Support this Unique “Place Apart”

As stewards of this historic and very special home, we are constantly engaged in the maintenance and restoration of the building and its contents. These acts of preservation are to ensure the continued work and presence of the House of the Redeemer for future generations. 

Much of our work goes unseen as we continuously restore aging bits and pieces of the mechanical systems. Whether it is replacing a 1914 elevator or repairing a leak, our work never ends. 

Over the years, your generosity has allowed us to repair and restore many decorative objects, some of which date to the 16th century. Professional restoration is a costly undertaking. As these unique objects are repaired and returned to their rightful places, we face a storeroom of future restoration projects. 

Your continued support is vital to the future of the House. We sincerely appreciate your loyalty, prayers, and shared concern.

YES, I would like to support the programs and restoration of the House of the Redeemer.